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ballet. Romeo and Juliet

music. Sergei Prokofiev

coreography. Leonid Lavrovsky

libretto. Sergei Prokofiev, Sergei Radlov and Adrian Piotrovsky

scenography & wardrobe. Russian Classical Ballet

world premiere. January 11th, 1940, at Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg

duration. 140 minutes with 20 minutes interval

Romeo and Juliet tell us a tragic love story between two young people. Written by Shakespeare in 1595, is considered by all a masterpiece, inspired great choreographers, who adapted it to ballet; managed to turn brilliantly written history, a charming masterpiece of classical ballet.
Two distinguished families of Verona, where the action unfolds, harass up by old quarrels, staining his hands with blood. Within these two families are born predestined two lovers - Romeo and Juliet - who succumb in the pain inflicted by the sense of loss, the tragic outcome of this story reveals a feeling of intense love that death could not separate.

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